Winter is coming

As the nights draw imperceptibly shorter, the prospect of a long cold winter in Ukraine begins to grow.

The ceasefire is fragile and I have little doubt that Kiev simply wants the war to continue, with little concern for its own citizens.

It seems that Kiev has no intention of paying off it’s gas debt to Russia, despite being given numerous handouts by the west.

The UK media continues to misrepresent the truth about how “the gas from Russia has been shut off to Ukraine due to the crisis in Crimea“.  No mention then of the $5 billion dollar debt that is outstanding!


gas photo


I saw a few hilarious videos on TV where Ukrainian celebrities were explaining how to keep warm and conserve energy without using gas or electric.  They suggested sitting in one room in the dark or using candles.  Utterly crazy, in my opinion.

I wonder how the damaged infrastructure in the east of Ukraine will cope in the coming months.  The shells may have stopped flying but people still need power, water and food.

The only help they have received from abroad is from Russia and its two aid convoys. The west was virtually silent about the second convoy, just a few reports implying that the aid was really arms.

The video underneath may well be firmly tongue in cheek, but it also has a very valid point about Europe’s total reliance on Russian gas and oil.



David Milliband visits Moscow

This week British foreign secretary David Milliband visited Moscow, held talks with Russian minister Sergei Lavrov and held discussions on Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Milliband was still grumbling over Russia’s refusal to hand over Andrei Lugovoi, suspected in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Here was a great chance for Milliband to improve relations with Russia, upon whom the UK may be highly dependent in the future for energy supplies.

Instead, he simply gave more of the same old clap-trap, treating Russia like a naughty schoolboy who won’t do as he is told.

If only the UK government could start to work WITH Russia, instead of against them, perhaps this might improve things for both sides.