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I’m an Englishman with an interest in Russia, and I have visited and often lived in Russia since 2000.

Sovietcity.com has been covering life in Russia since 2009.

We aim to provide an insight into real life in the biggest country in the world, and to overcome the many stereotypes and misconceptions portrayed by western media.

We have guides to visiting Russia, trains, planes and advice on how to get the all important Russian visa.

This site chronicles my adventures and the everyday trials and disasters of living in Russia.

We also sometimes comment on Russian news.

If you are planning to visit Russia for business or pleasure or moving there to live then you will definitely find a lot of useful information on this site.

I’m not a Kremlin stooge or Putin-bot, I simply give my own personal opinion on Russia.

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  1. It’s interesting how the need to ‘belong’ takes on a different meaning when you live in a foreign country. I think you’re not based in Moscow – do you find that people recognise you as a ‘stranger’ immediately where you live?

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