Visa Q+A

Visa Q+A – Your questions answered.


Can I overstay my visa for a few days?  Will this be a problem?

Don’t even think about it.  Overstay your visa for even an hour and you will have big problems trying to leave Russia.  You will most likely be fined or arrested and might have problems in the future when you apply for your next visa.  If this does happen then call your countries local Embassy and ask for advice.

My visa starts on 1st of the month, can I arrive at the airport on the 31st and wait around for an hour or two before going through visa control?

Again, it’s impossible and most airlines won’t even let you fly into Russia to try.  Russian visa control take their job very seriously indeed, there are no exceptions or allowances.  Always get a longer visa than you need and allow a few days extra in case of flight delays or other problems.

My company made a visa which start on 1st and ends on the 20th, now my plans have changed and I need to arrive on 18th for 10 days?  Is this OK?

What do you think!  You need to cancel your visa and get a new one with the correct dates!

I didn’t bother to register my visa, will I have problems at the airport when I go home?

Yes, you probably will.  The visa control police may or may not let you go home, but might demand a large bribe and could also make a note on their immigration computer which can affect future visa applications.  If you suddenly realise that your visa hasn’t been registered then I would advise you to get straight down to your local UFMS (migration service) office and kiss some sweet Russian ass.  They will probably make you pay a fine but this is better than waiting to face the airport visa control guys.  Visas can now be registered at most Russian post offices, this is by far the best option for most people.

Do I need to carry my visa and passport at all times in Russia?

In theory – yes you do.  I would advise having a few photocopies made before your trip.  Keep one in your luggage, another in your hotel room, another in your back pocket and another on an easily accessible web email account such as Gmail/Hotmail.  If your documents get stolen then you will at least have a copy to show to your Embassy/Consulate to help get a new passport.

Always keep at least a photocopy of your passport and visa with you at all times.  Russian police don’t generally bother tourists very much these days, preferring to make extra cash from fines to motorists and illegal immigrants, but there is always a possibility of being stopped for a document check.

Do I need a HIV test to get a Russian visa?

In the past business visas longer than 3 months needed a HIV test but this is no longer the case.  For other types of visa such as work or temporary resident you may still need to get a HIV test.

How do I get a Russian visa invitation/visa support?

Simple.  Just contact our recommended visa agency below and they will be glad to help.

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