Happy Russia Day and Day of Town – 12 June

Its Russia Day today, and also my cities Day of Town. Time for people to celebrate their city and their country.

Russia Day 3

I often wonder if Russians ever get any work done, because almost every week there is another celebration, whether its Day of Engineers or Day of Electricity or Day of Students or Day of Whatever else.  Any excuse for a day off work is fine by me!


Russia Day 2


Russia Day is another fun packed day in the sun, its a public holiday and in central squares across the land there will be endless funfairs, fireworks and evening concerts with lots of drinking.

Russia Day 1

Unfortunately I’m on business in Europe at the moment so I’m gonna have to sit this one out, but here are some photos I took on a previous Russia Day. ¬†Gotta love those Russian girls!




Russia Day 4

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