Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day!


I have to admit, before I first visited Russia I had never heard of Women’s Day.

It barely gets a mention from the UK press.  In the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day, but this is only for mothers.  Women’s Day is a celebration for all women, whatever their age.

Women’s Day (8th March) is just about the biggest day of celebration in Russia, after New Years Eve.

Many people get a day off from work, ALL women expect the men in their lives to shower them with flowers, chocolates and other gifts and it’s also celebrated in schools.  Schoolgirls expect the boys in their class to present them with gifts.

If you have a Russian girlfriend or wife, then you should make a big effort to impress on 8th March or else your girlfriend won’t be too happy.

I would suggest a nice bunch of flowers, but remember your Russian culture, give an odd number of flowers and never give yellow flowers.  Giving an even number of flowers is really bad, and whilst you might get away with this as a stupid foreigner it won’t be appreciated.  When you buy a bouquet simply count the number of flowers and throw one away if necessary!

Chocolates are a good choice and all Russian food shops will have a wide range of chocolate boxes.

I’m an old hand at this, and I’ve been celebrating Women’s Day for years, so my wonderful Russian wife got lots of presents this morning, and I plan to take her out tonight.

If you have just started writing to a Russian woman then remember how important 8th March is  to your lady and give her presents.


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