Ronald comes to town.

Something momentous happened a few weeks ago in my Russian city.

A McDonalds restaurant finally opened for business.



I’ve been waiting for a McDonalds to open since the early 2000’s.  There have been many rumours over the years but nothing ever came to fruition, until now.

Momentous you say? Well, a couple of decades ago this city was completely closed off to the outside world, foreigners were non existent and the very idea of a McDonalds opening up here would have been laughable.

I’m not a big fan of fast food, I much prefer my Russian wife’s home cooking most of the time but occasionally  it’s nice to get a taste of home and munch a cheeseburger or two.





Over the last decade a few burger joints set up shop in the city, but they invariably served overpriced, cold and barely edible food, and thrived on the fact that there was no credible competition.

With the coming of McDonalds it finally seems as if this city has come of age economically.

People are richer than ever before and have very different lives to the stereotypes continually portrayed in the western media.


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