Vnukovo Airport Review

I flew threw Vnukovo airport for the first time last month after finding a cheap flight with Lufthansa.

I looked online for some reviews and information about Vnukovo and there was little apart from a sleeping in airports review from 2009 which suggested it was still a smoky awful mess, just like the old days at Sheremetyevo.  This didn’t inspire confidence but I decided to give it a go anyway.

For the last decade the de facto airports for westerners to get in and out of Moscow have been Sheremetyevo and Domodedevo (since the mid 2000’s).  Vnukovo has recently undergone extensive refurbishment and started trying to poach business from the other 2 main Moscow airports.

Vnukovo has a new Aeroexpress connection from Kievsky train station, its cheap(320 roubles) and fast (35 minutes) so there is little point for most people to take anything else, unless you live in Moscow and have a car.


My flight out of Moscow was mid afternoon, so I only had a couple of hours to kill in the airport.

Vnukovo has recently been refurbished and is as bright and shiny as any western airport.  It’s clean, smokefree, bright and shiny.  A sea of glass, metal and concrete.  If you squinted you could easily imagine you were in Geneva or Amsterdam.

I would say Vnukovo looks a  lot newer and more modern than Domodedevo, which has become a little shabby lately due to the hideous amount of passengers passing through.

Passport control was swift and my flight was on time.


On the way back into Russia I had an overnight stop in Vnukovo.  I don’t see much point in spending lots of money for a few hours in a hotel or trying to make my way across Moscow in the dead of night to a friends house, so I just crashed out in the airport.

I arrived just after midnight and the place was almost empty and very quiet.  Most of the shops were already closed for the night.  Passport control and baggage were quick and efficient and I was soon slowly trudging around the terminal and looking for a place to spend the night.

The lights were dimmed and it was easy to find a free seat, although most seats had the usual metal armrest the prevents lying down to sleep.

I eventually found a group of seats for the disabled.  There were no disabled people around though and a couple of Russian families were already set up for the night there, so I settled down on a long metal bench for a few hours rest and was completely undisturbed by the few airport workers that came around.  Around 6am I woke with a somewhat cold and sore back and staggered to the coffee machine to get breakfast and prepare for a long day in Moscow.

Would I recommend Vnukovo? Yes, definitely.  It’s much quieter than Domodedevo and Sheremetyevo, close to the city centre and a decent place to spend the whole night if your flight times dictate this.

All in all, I can definitely recommend Vnukovo.

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